Our Counseling Department is here to serve students by providing the information and resources they need to develop a solid academic and social-emotional foundation. Part of your child's school success depends on the communication that develops between your family and school personnel. If you have a concern about your child’s school experience and development, please reach out. Our goal is to help you and your child have a positive educational experience at Coudersport.

Special Education Support

Individual and Small Group Counseling

In addition to special education services, our Counseling Department offers both individual and small group counseling services for students with school and family-related problems. 

Students can always refer themselves for services when feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or they can be referred to our department by teachers, parents, or other concerned adults. Students experiencing long-term academic or behavioral difficulties may be referred to our child study team to ascertain their need for more direct support through our Special Education Department.

Student Assistance
The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is available to every Coudersport student through the Dickinson Center. We may gift up to five free sessions to students with written parental consent.

Skills-Based Training
We offer small group counseling focused on social skills and developing healthy friendships on an as-needed basis. We also offer groups dedicated to tough topics such as coping with peer pressure, divorce, and anger. 

Our Too Good For Drugs small group invites first through third graders to explore healthy decision-making through fun, role-playing exercises and games.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

During classroom guidance lessons, we teach the importance of communication, teamwork, and what it means to work hard and be kind. Primary students (those in grades K–2) learn about the "three kinds of touches." Older students begin exploring career options and entrepreneurship and learning about workplace skills like interviewing.

State Testing and Assessment
Every spring our Counseling Department also coordinates all state-mandated assessments through PSSA. These tests help our schools improve curriculum and teaching strategies, while giving parents an overview of their child’s academic growth and achievement.

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