Fink, Mr. Chris


Mr. Chris Fink


Phone: (814) 274-8500

Biography: I've gone from being a purple falcon, to a red and black mountaineer, to a purple eagle, back to a red and black mountaineer, and now finally back to a purple falcon. Upon graduation from Coudersport High School in 1991, I attended Mansfield University. I played basketball for four years for the Mountaineers and graduated with a BSE in biology in 1996. I was hired that fall by Prince Edward County Schools, in Virginia (about 45 minutes south of Richmond). I taught biology for two years, as well as coached the eagles football and basketball teams. I worked my way back to Pennsylvania, and tiny Liberty High School (about 25 minutes north of Williamsport). I taught biology, life science, and physics, as well as coached the mountaineers basketball team. The thought of trying to teach physics for the next 30 years prompted a move to Coudersport, where I currently teach biology.