Batson, Mrs. Sarah


Mrs. Sarah Batson


Phone: (814) 274-8500

Messiah College, B. A., Fine Arts

Tyler School of Art (Temple University), M. Ed.

After graduating from Coudersport High School in 1990, Mrs. Batson attended Messiah College and received a Bachelor's Degree in Art, with a concentration in Textiles. She worked in the healthcare field until attending Tyler School of Art (Temple University) graduating with a Master's Degree in Art Education. During the last two years of her graduate studies, Mrs. Batson taught art to 1st through 12th grade students at The Christian Academy in Brookhaven, PA. She moved back to Coudersport in 2000 to teach at the high school. She loves being able to share the joys of making and learning about art with the students and local community members in her hometown - while continuing to learn more from them, also.